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Welcome to Mama’s Daughters Diner website. The only place better to be is sitting at one of our tables gettin' ready to enjoy some lovin’ through our Mama’s home cookin'!

Mama’s been home cookin’ breakfast and lunch for the good folks in the Dallas area since 1958, baking our own pies, cornbread and rolls. We LOVE to-go orders and catering, so contact the closest Mamas Daughters' Diner to you.

Don’t take just our word for being the best place in the Dallas, Irving, Lewisville and Plano area for home cooking, read what others are saying about Mama’s on her Facebook page and get updates from Mama’s Daughters and Granddaughters! Also read our blog to learn all about the family, food and diner's drama!!

We’re blushing, but we’ve been recognized in many publications, such as Paula Deen and Southern Living magazines.

Visit Our Royal Lane Location!


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